Resistance: Act of Patriotism?

April 13, 2010

We’ve read and listened to historical stories where individuals have battled United States government over territorial claims, voiced opposition to discriminatory laws, and  demanded a change through reforms, rebellions, and debates.

Thinking of what patriotism means to you , do you feel that an act of defiance can be considered patriotic?  Please explain and include a historical or current day example.


Patterns in History

March 2, 2010

You’ve read about the Sedition Act.  Have their been other points in US history in which legislation was similar to the Sedition Act?  Why do you think such bills were passed?

Reflection on Howard Zinn

January 28, 2010

Howard Zinn, author of our textbook, A People’s History of the United States died today, January 27,2010.  Please read the following article, Howard Zinn, Historian Who Challenged Status Quo, dies at 87.

Share your thoughts on how you think his personal life story was reflected in the way he interpreted US history as exemplified in some of the chapters you have read so far.

An Act of Rebellion

January 8, 2010

We’ve looked at how various groups of individuals have rebelled in organized and subversive ways through readings and class simulations (enslaved Africans, indentured servants, Native Americans, American colonists )

Think of a  moment of injustice you’ve experienced.  Describe the injustice and write about your response to it.
If you cannot think of a time, reflect on a current event and your feelings/response to the injustice-what do you think should be done and why?

Native American Stereotypes:Progress?

December 7, 2009

Listen or read the NPR story For Native Americans: Old Stereotypes Die Hard

Elaine Miles and Comedian Charlie Hill’s differ on their views of stereotypical Native American roles. Which individual do you agree with and why? Before listening to this story were you aware of these stereotypes? Why or why not?

Thanksgiving Lens Reflection

December 1, 2009

Please take a few moments to write a thoughtful reflection on today’s Thanksgiving table activity. Use the following questions as a guide.
How did you and your group members decide on what to have your assigned character say and think? What was it like listening to each character’s views on Thanksgiving? Any changes after you heard their perspective?

Hello world!

December 1, 2009

Welcome to Ms. Jain’s Class Blog!  Here you will post your thoughts and reflections regarding historical issues both past and current through a particular lens.